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The EFL Post is an independent blog with a neighbouring Twitter account intended to keep you up to date with all the latest news and material in the form of articles, analysis and gameweek reviews. 

As a fan of an EFL club myself (come on you Blades), I know how being a fan of a football club is about more than just caring whether they win or not. It is about the passion, excitement, turning up week-in, week-out to watch and support them, the drive for success you install within each of your players when you are chanting or making your voice heard. 

This is an independently run website, with all articles originally written by myself. All articles and posts are written by myself, as this is a home-based, solo project. Although all material is completely free, a small donation would mean the absolute world, but again, it is not obliged at all. However, if you do feel so inclined, the button below will give you all the information necessary. 

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